PayCreate is dead.

Long live flattr!

PayCreate was intended to be a campaign to popularize social micropayments so that someone would eventually make a company like flattr—although I have some ideas they should implement.

I still believe it's going to help change the world.

Oh, and here's one more person who had the idea.

Hasten the day.

The problem is that it costs too much to pay too few. $100 buys, at best, ten albums--a considerable investment for many of us, but a tiny fraction of a personal music collection.

And we can name hundreds of musicians, bloggers, writers, and artists whom we adore--whose works we have known and loved--but we can't possibly buy something from them all.

But, given that we are hundreds of thousands, the question arises: what if we could each pay them all something? What if we could all donate a few dollars a month to be divided however we want among all our favorite artists? We would not be buying goods; we would not be alleviating guilt; we would not be changing the world.

Rather, we would be dropping a few cents into the guitar case, saying, "Play on."

PayCreate is our effort to hasten the day when our cents can become their livelihoods.

Check back soon.