A proposal for an additional Flattr allocation method

Part 1. A revised Flattr button

Let's say, first of all, that I am a totally brand new user.
I have nothing Flattr'd whatsoever.
Let's get started:

I really like Wikipedia,
and I want to Flattr it every month.

So I go to Wikipedia. Here it is:


Notice that here is a new Flattr button.

The number of Flattrs that the thing has received from everyone is no longer displayed.

Instead, the left number is the number of Flattrs you're giving the person this month,
and the right number is the total Flattrs you're giving overall this month.

Anyway, I want to Flattr Wikipedia on a recurring basis, so
I will click the right part in blue with the cycle arrows. This adds it to my
recurring donation page.

Let's just say that I also add a few other things:

The Red Cross,
Paul Graham (the essayist)
and Grizzly Bear (a band)

Now let's go to the allocation page.

Part 2. The Allocation page

When we first see it, we have people selected for
recurring allocations, but no portions set up.
Have a look:

So let's give them some Flattrs, allocated however we want.
We can either type the number of Flattrs into the box,
or simply click the up and down arrows I've borrowed from reddit.

Let's say this is how I have decided I want my recurring donations:

The percentages and donation amounts change automatically
whenever the number of Flattrs is changed.

Finally, let's have a look at non-recurring donations.

Part 3. Non-recurring Flattrs

Now, say I'm cruising the web, and someone makes an insightful comment.

I say to myself, that brilliant comment is worth two Flattrs,
so I click the left button twice.

Here's what the page looks like now:

Notice that both the number on the left and the one on the right
have both gone up by two. This poster will now get two 1/72ths
of my total 10 monthly contribution.

Let's have one more look at the Allocations page to see how it changed..

Part 4. The Allocations page (again)

Notice that that handsome and charming commenter has been
added to the list of recipients of allocated Flattr money:

However, after the money is allocated at the end of the month,
this entry and whomever else I added on a temporary basis
will be removed, and only my recurring Flattr recipients will remain.


Oh yeah, feel free to Flattr this, of course.

You can e-mail me at theoryofevrythng {at} gmail.